Saniflow Macerator Pumps condense toilet waste so smaller pipework can be used.

Saniflow Macerator PumpOften we come across houses with the bathroom at the back of the house and the waste pipe at the front of the house. This is usually the case when a bathroom or toilet has been moved upstairs. In cases like these it is impossible or extremely expensive to install a new 4″ soil pipe between the space under the floor boards because there simply isn’t enough room. This is where we would recommend a Saniflo Macerator Pump. It condenses toilet waste and will allow it to be pumped through 40mm pipework. This much smaller pipework can be easily installed under floor boards from a toilet or bathroom at the back of a house to the waste pipe at the front of the house.

We installed a Saniflow Macerator Pump in a new bathroom in Tewin.

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