Why choose an Aqualisa Shower?

Install an Aqualisa shower, with minimal disruption to your bathroom, to ensure your shower is the perfect temperature every time.

Aqualisa Shower controlThe Aqualisa system uses a unique processor that is installed away from the shower perhaps in the airing cupboard or under the bath. The hot and cold water is fed into the processor and blended to the perfect temperature. This is done using a data cable from the processor to the shower controls. The data cable is fed through the shower riser bar and so removes the need to install new pipework and remove tiles. This means you can install a new shower with minimum disruptions – saving you money.

The shower is an easy to use simple system that can be turned on with one touch to get the perfect temperature. The button will illuminate when the shower is ready to use and you can even install a remote button to start the shower running whilst it achieves the perfect temperature without having to get in first.

Having the shower programmed to the perfect temperature avoids any hot and cold surprises when someone else runs a tap downstairs or elsewhere in the house.

We installed an Aqualisa Shower in Tewin, in Hertfordshire as part of a complete new bathroom installation.

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