Check your Hot Water Temperature6 ways to save money with your cental heating & plumbing

To make sure you are getting the most from your central heating and to avoid costly water damage, follow these top tips:

  • Make sure the temperature on your hot water cylinder is never more than 60’C. Temperatures set over 62 degrees on hot water cylinders will cause a limescale build up inside cylinder.
  • Set your heating programmer so that your heating goes off 30-40 mins before going to bed. Heating takes time to cool down – it is not instant.
  • Your room thermostat should be set at no more than 21 degrees and should be in a cold part of the house like a hallway.
  • If your radiators have thermostatic valves use them to adjust the temperatures in each room. However, the doors to each room need to be shut to make the valves work correctly. If your radiators don’t have thermostatic values then it’s time to invest in some.
  • Make sure you are familiar with your mains water tap should you need to find it in an emergency. Operate the mains tap every now and then so it doesn’t seize.
  • Always turn off your mains water when going on holiday. If a small leak develops whist you are on holiday you won’t come back to a flooded house.

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