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Powerflush Descale Hot Water Tank Welwyn

Improved performance of hot water tank in Oaklands, Welwyn This client near Welwyn had a badly scaled Boilermate II cylinder so we needed to descale the hot water tank. The build up of in the heating coil was providing poor performance in terms of heating the hot water and hot water deliver to taps and especially the [...]

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Plumber in Welwyn

Looking for a reliable & trustworthy plumber in Welwyn? Homewood Heating and Plumbing is based in Old Welwyn and have a completed hundreds of plumbing jobs in Welwyn and the surrounding areas including Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. Click on the links below to find out more about our clients in Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City: [...]

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Sourced new parts for old toilet in Welwyn

Repaired old toilet to save customer money One of our customers in old Welwyn needed us to fix and replace their ball valve and siphon in their toilet cistern because the toilet no longer flushed correctly and continually leaked water. However, the parts in the toilet needed to be sourced from a specialist because the system [...]

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Reconditioned 2 shower enclosures in Oaklands, Old Welwyn

Replaced old mouldy leaking silicone in shower tray Like most bathrooms and shower cubicles, the silicone around the shower tray and bath had dis-coloured from years of mould as you can see in the photos. The mould menas that the silicon no longer sticks to the shower tray which creates leaks. Many people try to repair [...]

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