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What is a Quooker?

A Quooker provides on-demand hot water

QuookerQuooker is a tap that immediately dispenses boiling water – it’s like having a kettle but without the kettle! It’s efficient in that the hot water is stored in an insulated flask, installed below the sink, which keeps the water hot so you don’t need to continuously re-boil a kettle. They are becoming more popular in kitchens over the past few years.

We installed a Quooker in a loft conversion in Tewin. The customer wanted to use her new loft conversion as an office but didn’t want it cluttered with a kettle. The customer also did not want to have to climb 2 flights of stairs with a cup of tea made from the kitchen. So the Quooker was positioned under the basin in the bathroom ensuite next to the office in the loft.

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Quooker & Ensuite Installed in Loft Conversion in Tewin

Instant hot water in office in newly converted loft

We undertook a large plumbing project in a loft conversion in Tewin working in conjunction with the loft builders, plasters and decorators.

The loft conversion created a new bedroom, bathroom and office so our job was to install a free standing bath, shower, towel radiator as well as an on-demand programmable hot water system called a Quooker that ensures you always have hot water without the need to boil a kettle. However unlike a kettle, the Quooker‘s hot water is stored in an insulated flask so doesn’t need constantly re-boiling – it’s for offices in lofts. Click here to find out more about the benefits of a Quooker.

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