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Megaflow valve fixed in Hertford

A water leak caused corrosion on a temperature valve As you can see from the photo this client in Hertford had a corroded temperature pressure relief valve on their Mega Flow hot water cylinder due to a water leak. We sourced and replaced the valve then fitted new copper pipework. For Megaflo repairs [...]

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Solar panel connected to Megaflow System in Hertford

New solar panel heating system This customer in Hertford was having a loft conversion which meant they couldn't have a heating system that had water tanks in the loft so we removed all water tanks for them. Then installed a Worcester Bosch boiler with a megaflow water heater in an old airing cupboard. This eco-friendly client wanted a [...]

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Which Central Heating System should I choose?

A short guide to choosing the right hot water cylinder or boiler Choosing a central heating system is an important investment. It can save you energy and fuel - therefore money. In addition, choosing the right central heating system can add value to your house. But it is not just a case of choosing a [...]

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New Megaflow Cylinder installed in Tewin

Click here to find out which central heating system is best for your home? This customer in Tewin had converted their loft so the old hot water tank and boiler had to be removed due to lack of loft storage space. After discussing the pros and cons of different types of boilers and central heating [...]

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