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Leaking Central Heating Pipes in Stevenage floor

Central Heating Repair in Stevenage

This lovely home in Aston, Stevenage had leaking central heating pipes in their dining room concrete floor. Using our new thermal imaging camera we were able to detect and locate the leak and therefore pinpoint the leak without unnecessary explorative digging.

After locating the leak, we created a new channel in the floor, repaired the copper pipe and ensured easy access in the future by laying a wooden panel across the pipework. For information, the lime in concrete will erode copper pipework over time so it’s important to protect the copper tube with insulation or lay pipework in ducting.
If you have a problem with leaking pipes in a concrete floor, contact us to discuss how our thermal imaging camera can quickly help to locate the problem and therefore reduce costs.

Megaflow valve fixed in Hertford

A water leak caused corrosion on a temperature valve

As you can see from the photo this client in Hertford had a corroded temperature pressure relief valve on their Mega Flow hot water cylinder due to a water leak. We sourced and replaced the valve then fitted new copper pipework.

For Megaflo repairs and leaks, contact us for a quote.

Boiler Pilot Light re-ignited in Woolmer Green, Herts

A quick fix to bring back hot water & heating

Woolmer Green pilot lightThis client in Woolmer Green near Knebworth & Stevenage in Hertfordshire has a boiler that was made obsolete in 1988! So when they discovered the boiler was no longer heating radiators and their hot water, it proved very difficult to get the parts to fix their boiler. However after some investigation we discovered the problem was due to the pilot light not igniting and therefore we were able to install a new Thermocouple which enabled us to fix the boiler’s pilot light and bring hot water back to their home.

This was a quick fix but a replacement boiler is now required. The boiler is too old and obsolete to source all the required parts for a complete service and is beyond economical repair.

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Cleaned Central Heating System in Datchworth to reduce boiler noise

Reduce boiler noise by cleaning central heating system

Hot water tank and pumpThe increasing banging noise from this customer’s boiler in Datchworth prompted her to contact us to find out what was wrong. It was clear that their boiler, pipework and radiators had filled with sludge over the years. Sludge is created in a central heating system when different metals from the radiators and pipework react with either other over time.

The job involved draining the water from the central heating system then adding a system cleaner which is left and runs through the system for a couple of weeks to flush out impurities. We then drain again, refill and add an inhibitor to prevent more build up of sludge. We then spend some time ensuring everything functions well and the boiler noise is reduced.

This customer also asked us to replacing an old Butler sink with new Butler sink in a granite worktop.

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