How to rectify a badly fitted shower head and shower pump

The shower in this home in Stevenage Old Town had been installed incorrectly in two main areas:

1. Plastic pipe had been used to install the deluge shower head overhang. This was not stable enough to hold a heavy shower head so there was lots of movement in the shower head fittings. Therefore our job was to create a tight round (not square) hole in the plaster board behind using timber for strength so that we could install a solid fixing from which the heavy deluge shower head could hang without movement.

2. Pipework had been incorrectly installed using tight connector bends that restrict the water flow preventing the water system from activating the flow switches on demand due to the low pressure and restricted flow. The shower also did not have its own independent cold water feed from the cold water storage tank – a requirement that we would always advise. Therefore we had to create our own independent feeds up through the eves and into the storage water tank in the loft ensuring we used sweeping pulled bends and not tight 90 degree connectors that restrict water flow.

The result of this job was an efficiently run shower with no movement in the shower head. The shower pump we used was a Stuart and Turner ‘monsoon’ giving 2 bar pressure.

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