When would you use a Saniflow Macerator Pump?

Saniflow Macerator Pumps condense toilet waste so smaller pipework can be used.

Saniflow Macerator PumpOften we come across houses with the bathroom at the back of the house and the waste pipe at the front of the house. This is usually the case when a bathroom or toilet has been moved upstairs. In cases like these it is impossible or extremely expensive to install a new 4″ soil pipe between the space under the floor boards because there simply isn’t enough room. This is where we would recommend a Saniflo Macerator Pump. It condenses toilet waste and will allow it to be pumped through 40mm pipework. This much smaller pipework can be easily installed under floor boards from a toilet or bathroom at the back of a house to the waste pipe at the front of the house.

We installed a Saniflow Macerator Pump in a new bathroom in Tewin.

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What is a Quooker?

A Quooker provides on-demand hot water

QuookerQuooker is a tap that immediately dispenses boiling water – it’s like having a kettle but without the kettle! It’s efficient in that the hot water is stored in an insulated flask, installed below the sink, which keeps the water hot so you don’t need to continuously re-boil a kettle. They are becoming more popular in kitchens over the past few years.

We installed a Quooker in a loft conversion in Tewin. The customer wanted to use her new loft conversion as an office but didn’t want it cluttered with a kettle. The customer also did not want to have to climb 2 flights of stairs with a cup of tea made from the kitchen. So the Quooker was positioned under the basin in the bathroom ensuite next to the office in the loft.

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Plumbing Supplies and Bathroom Fixtures in Welwyn Garden City

A useful list of local plumbing and bathroom suppliers in Welwyn Garden City.

  • ToiletR&D plumbing Suppliers – Unit 5 Little Ridge Industrial Estate, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 2BH. 01707 393411
  • Gills – 36 Burrowfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 4SR. 01707 371707
  • B&Q – Swallowfields, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1JD.
  • Screwfix – Unit 3, Quadrant Park Mundells Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1FS. 01707 331951
  • Plumbase – Unit E, Bridge Park, 27 Bridge Rd East, AL7 1JE 01707 377772

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Aqualisa Digital Processor

Why choose an Aqualisa Shower?

Install an Aqualisa shower, with minimal disruption to your bathroom, to ensure your shower is the perfect temperature every time.

Aqualisa Shower controlThe Aqualisa system uses a unique processor that is installed away from the shower perhaps in the airing cupboard or under the bath. The hot and cold water is fed into the processor and blended to the perfect temperature. This is done using a data cable from the processor to the shower controls. The data cable is fed through the shower riser bar and so removes the need to install new pipework and remove tiles. This means you can install a new shower with minimum disruptions – saving you money.

The shower is an easy to use simple system that can be turned on with one touch to get the perfect temperature. The button will illuminate when the shower is ready to use and you can even install a remote button to start the shower running whilst it achieves the perfect temperature without having to get in first.

Having the shower programmed to the perfect temperature avoids any hot and cold surprises when someone else runs a tap downstairs or elsewhere in the house.

We installed an Aqualisa Shower in Tewin, in Hertfordshire as part of a complete new bathroom installation.

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Which Central Heating System should I choose?

Megaflow Cylinder Central Heating SystemA short guide to choosing the right hot water cylinder or boiler

Choosing a central heating system is an important investment. It can save you energy and fuel – therefore money. In addition, choosing the right central heating system can add value to your house. But it is not just a case of choosing a brand of boiler there are other things to consider.

There are three main types of heating systems to choose from:

  • Combi Boiler Systems
  • Gravity Fed Open Vent Systems
  • Megaflow or Pressurised Systems


What are the advantages and dis-advantages of each of these hot water systems?


Combi Boiler Systems (or combination boiler systems)

This type of boiler system heats the hot water on demand. This means that you no longer need a cold water storage tank in the loft or a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. So this is often the type of boiler system chosen when space is limited such as in flats or when a loft has been converted. It is one of the cheapest options however it is connected to the mains water so when more than one utility is used, for example if you are having a shower and someone downstairs is washing up, then you will notice a drop in pressure to the shower head.  So these types of systems are not recommended for homes used by families with children or houses with multiple bathrooms.

Gravity Fed Open Vent Systems

This is the most common used hot water system installed in homes in the UK.  However, since the introduction of combi boilers and megaflow pressurised cylinders, many houses have been upgraded to these more efficient central heating systems. If your home already has a gravity fed open vent system, it is often far more cost effective simply to upgrade your existing water cylinder and boiler rather than install a new expensive system. However the disadvantages of these systems are that they rely on gravity so pressure is often lost in flats where a large water tank cannot be installed in a loft. Furthermore, there is a higher risk of damage from frost during the winter months as the complete system is usually installed in a loft.

Megaflow High Pressure System

These are often used following a loft conversion because they can be installed in a garage or other area of the home. They do not rely on gravity but take water directly from mains water and operate at higher pressure negating the need for shower pumps etc. This system is ideal for larger houses with families – especially if you have more than one bathroom or shower room. The disadvantage of this system is that it is more expensive than both the gravity fed hot water system and the combination boiler. Plus it is not possible to guarantee old pipework due to higher water pressures.

We installed a Megaflow High Pressure System in Tewin.

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6 ways to save money with your central heating & plumbing

Check your Hot Water Temperature6 ways to save money with your cental heating & plumbing

To make sure you are getting the most from your central heating and to avoid costly water damage, follow these top tips:

  • Make sure the temperature on your hot water cylinder is never more than 60’C. Temperatures set over 62 degrees on hot water cylinders will cause a limescale build up inside cylinder.
  • Set your heating programmer so that your heating goes off 30-40 mins before going to bed. Heating takes time to cool down – it is not instant.
  • Your room thermostat should be set at no more than 21 degrees and should be in a cold part of the house like a hallway.
  • If your radiators have thermostatic valves use them to adjust the temperatures in each room. However, the doors to each room need to be shut to make the valves work correctly. If your radiators don’t have thermostatic values then it’s time to invest in some.
  • Make sure you are familiar with your mains water tap should you need to find it in an emergency. Operate the mains tap every now and then so it doesn’t seize.
  • Always turn off your mains water when going on holiday. If a small leak develops whist you are on holiday you won’t come back to a flooded house.

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