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Boiler Repair Service Welwyn

Boiler Service in Welwyn

This client’s boiler was in need of repair in Welwyn so it required a complete strip down and service.

Boiler Installation Welwyn Garden City

New Boiler Installed in Welwyn Garden City

The 30 year old boiler in Welwyn Garden City was beyond repair as parts were no longer available. Therefore, a new boiler installation was required. We replaced the old boiler with a new Worcester Bosch standard heat boiler. We advised and carried out a powerflush – this is required to meet manufacturer requirements and to validate a 5 or 7 year warranty.

We replaced the central heating pump and values, then added a new electric emersion heating so they always had hot water during the installation process. In addition, we added a Magna clean that will collect the sludge that builds up over time in central heating systems and can easily e removed, cleaned and put back – this helps maintain the efficiency of the central heating system.

Powerflush Descale Hot Water Tank Welwyn

Improved performance of hot water tank in Oaklands, Welwyn

This client near Welwyn had a badly scaled Boilermate II cylinder so we needed to descale the hot water tank. The build up of in the heating coil was providing poor performance in terms of heating the hot water and hot water deliver to taps and especially the shower performance.

A powerflush / descaler removed the build up limescale by using a mild acid solution. The result was much improved hot and cold water delivery.

Replacement Hot Water Cylinder, Welwyn Garden City

Leaking Hot Water Cylinder replaced in Welwyn Garden City, Herts

This plumbing job in Welwyn Garden City, Herts involved replacing the client’s leaking hot water cylinder. However their airing cupboard and been built around the old cylinder and therefore the new hot water cylinder (with thicker current regulation insulation) wouldn’t fit back into the cupboard. We therefore had to replumb existing pipework to be able to maneuver the cylinder into the airing cupboard. We also replaced the central heating pump and added inhibitor to help keep their system clean.

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Sourced new parts for old toilet in Welwyn

Repaired old toilet to save customer money

Toilet One of our customers in old Welwyn needed us to fix and replace their ball valve and siphon in their toilet cistern because the toilet no longer flushed correctly and continually leaked water.

However, the parts in the toilet needed to be sourced from a specialist because the system was over 20 years old and an odd shape. We found the parts for this old toilet from a wholesaler in Welwyn Garden and fitted them for the customer. This meant the customer did not need an expensive new toilet installation.

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Reconditioned 2 shower enclosures in Oaklands, Old Welwyn

Replaced old mouldy leaking silicone in shower tray

Like most bathrooms and shower cubicles, the silicone around the shower tray and bath had dis-coloured from years of mould as you can see in the photos. The mould menas that the silicon no longer sticks to the shower tray which creates leaks. Many people try to repair this problem by overlaying the original silicone with new silicone but this is a very short term option and the leak to happen again. So the only preventative option is to dig out all the old silicone and start again.

Using specialised tools we dug out the old silicone and installed new clean, water-tight silicone leaving their bathroom looking much more attractive. Using silicone really is a special skill – best left to the professionals! Take a look at the photos.

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New Bathroom Suite installed in Welwyn Garden City

Bathroom and heated towel radiator installation

new bathroom, shower and towel radiator in welwyn garden cityThis customer needed a complete new bathroom suite installed including bath, shower, toilet, basin and a modern towel radiator. This involved removing the old radiator. Carrying out bathroom radiator installations involves draining down the whole water system. This is often a good time to desludge the system. After installing the new heated towel radiator and reconnecting the whole water system, it’s important to remove any air blocks which may prevent your radiators from warming up efficiently.

We are really pleased with our new modern bathroom. Homewood Plumbing did a great job. If we have any more plumbing projects in the future we will use them again.

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