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Cental heating in Tewin Loft Conversion

Tewin radiator in loft conversionNew radiator installed

This client in Tewin, Herts needed radiators in their new loft conversion. We teed off pipework from the radiator in the adjacent bedroom with pipes running under the floorboards and through the wall.  As well as installing the new radiator we added Fernox system inhibitor into the central heating system and included a temperature radiator valve.


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Quooker & Ensuite Installed in Loft Conversion in Tewin

Instant hot water in office in newly converted loft

We undertook a large plumbing project in a loft conversion in Tewin working in conjunction with the loft builders, plasters and decorators.

The loft conversion created a new bedroom, bathroom and office so our job was to install a free standing bath, shower, towel radiator as well as an on-demand programmable hot water system called a Quooker that ensures you always have hot water without the need to boil a kettle. However unlike a kettle, the Quooker‘s hot water is stored in an insulated flask so doesn’t need constantly re-boiling – it’s for offices in lofts. Click here to find out more about the benefits of a Quooker.

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Bath, Aqualisa Digital Shower and Saniflo Macerator Pump installed in Tewin

Bathroom refit to help sell house in Tewin

This customer in Tewin needed to update their bathroom in order to help sell their house.

We installed a new bath, Aqualisa digital shower (a fully pumped shower that carries pre-mixed water inside the shower riser bar to a set temperature which is pre-programmed on a digital controller) and toilet as well as fitted cupboards and a work top.

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As you can see from the photos, we removed the electric towel rail and replaced an old fashioned large double paneled radiator with a smaller more efficient radiator. The hot and cold pipework had been installed incorrectly over 20 years ago so we swapped the pipework under the floor. All these jobs helped to declutter the small bathroom giving it a more spacious feel which will help to sell the house.

Furthermore, the house was built with the bathroom at the back of the house and the waste pipe at the front of the house. So it was impossible (or would have been extremely expensive) to install a new 4″ soil pipe between the space under the floor boards so we recommended and installed a Saniflo Macerator Pump which condenses toilet waste allowing 40mm pipework to be installed under floor boards from the back bathroom to the waste pipe at the front of the house. Click here to find out more about a Sanifo Macerator Pump.

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Utility Room and Shower installed in Tewin

Utility room and shower installed in extension

Shower installed in Utility room

Pipework and pump above shower provides a better flow in a downstairs room

One of our regular customers in Tewin near Welwyn Garden City extended their kitchen to provide space for a utility room and shower room. Therefore this involved adding new pipework to connect the washing machine, shower and toilet to the existing plumbing. Working alongside the builders and tilers we added new pipework and connected the new utilities. When installing new utilities it is important to add isolator values which means the water flow to each item in the new utility room can be independently switched off in emergencies or for maintenance.

Howewood Plumbing provided lots of great advice before we decided on how to plan out new utility and shower room. Would recommend them without hesitation.

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New Megaflow Cylinder installed in Tewin

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Megaflow Cylinder in TewinThis customer in Tewin had converted their loft so the old hot water tank and boiler had to be removed due to lack of loft storage space. After discussing the pros and cons of different types of boilers and central heating systems, we installed a new pressurised megaflow cylinder in the garage.

Homewood Plumbing had a wealth of knowledge and were able to advise us on which central heating system would be best for our home now that we have converted our loft. We’re really pleased we contacted them.

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New cloakroom installed in Tewin

New toilet, basin and towel rail installed in Tewin cloakroom

Toilet radiator and basin installation in Tewin, HertfordshireThis customer in Tewin had an old 1980’s avocado colour toilet and matching basin. Furthermore, the basin was over-sized for a small downstairs cloakroom. Therefore the job was to:

  • install a new toilet with cistern flush to the wall for easier cleaning
  • install a small modern basin more suitable for a downstairs cloakroom
  • remove the old radiator and install a modern towel rail radiator

As with all these types of jobs, I also added isolation values on the radiator and basin so in an emergency the customer can quickly stop the flow of water. Plus, in such an old cloakroom you often find exposed pipework and this room was no exception. I was able to remove and cap one pipe that was no longer being used then hide the end in a ceiling void. This involved making a small hole in the ceiling then replacing with plasterboard after the pipe had been cut and capped. I also boxed in the cold water pipe and made a small cupboard with opening so that the customer can access the mains water tap yet still have the tap out of sight.

The radiator pipe work had been hidden in the skirting board so that needed to be replaced which was the final part of this job.

Milton was able to advise me on which toilet, basin and radiator I needed plus he gave good advice on where to move the radiator and which of the exposed pipes could be removed. On top of the plumbing, Milton also added new skirting and boxed in old pipework – so we didn’t need to also hire the services of a carpenter. I would highly recommend. Frankie Mortimore, Tewin March 2013

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