Previous plumbing jobs carried out for my customers

Shower Pump installed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

How to rectify a badly fitted shower head and shower pump The shower in this home in Stevenage Old Town had been installed incorrectly in two main areas: 1. Plastic pipe had been used to install the deluge shower head overhang. This was not stable enough to hold a heavy shower head so there was [...]

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Shower repaired in Digswell, Herts

Shower leak repaired and new silicone applied This client in Digswell, Hertfordshire had a leaking shower and water damage due to an incorrectly fitted shower by their previous builder. Therefore the plumbing job was to repair the leak as well as some cosmetic replacing of the shower tray silicone. This shower was originally installed by [...]

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Combi Condensing Boiler installed in Datchworth, Herts

Central Heating Update in Datchworth, Hertfordshire We updated the central heating in this home in Datchworth, near Stevenage by removing a fully pumped open vent system (cold water tank and hot water cylinder) and installing a new combi condensing boiler. A combi boiler heats water instantly and therefore requires no cold water storage tank in [...]

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Bathroom and Combi Boiler installed in Datchworth, Herts

Significant cost-savings made by installing like-for-like bathroom and combination boiler This client in Datchworth, near Stevenage in Herts had a bathroom that looked tired and out-dated. They wanted a new more modern looking bathroom. Plus, their hot water cylinder leaked and was obsolete. Concerned with high costs, we advised this client to: 1. Install a [...]

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Boiler Pilot Light re-ignited in Woolmer Green, Herts

A quick fix to bring back hot water & heating This client in Woolmer Green near Knebworth & Stevenage in Hertfordshire has a boiler that was made obsolete in 1988! So when they discovered the boiler was no longer heating radiators and their hot water, it proved very difficult to get the parts to fix [...]

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Radiator installed in lounge extension in Digswell, Herts

Central heating installed in new extension near Welwyn Garden City This client in Digswell, near Welwyn GC in Hertfordshire had recently had an extension so needed central heating in their new lounge. We added additional radiators by drop feeding the new pipework from the loft. Click here to get a quote for a job like [...]

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3 new radiators installed in Knebworth

Fixed corroded radiator values to stop leaks A leaking radiator valve prompted this customer in Knebworth to contact us. Their radiator valves were old and had corroded making it impossible to switch off the radiator and stop the leak. From a further thorough house inspection we found 3 more radiators with corroded valves. Therefore, we drained [...]

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Cleaned Central Heating System in Datchworth to reduce boiler noise

Reduce boiler noise by cleaning central heating system The increasing banging noise from this customer’s boiler in Datchworth prompted her to contact us to find out what was wrong. It was clear that their boiler, pipework and radiators had filled with sludge over the years. Sludge is created in a central heating system when different metals [...]

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Sourced new parts for old toilet in Welwyn

Repaired old toilet to save customer money One of our customers in old Welwyn needed us to fix and replace their ball valve and siphon in their toilet cistern because the toilet no longer flushed correctly and continually leaked water. However, the parts in the toilet needed to be sourced from a specialist because the system [...]

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Quooker & Ensuite Installed in Loft Conversion in Tewin

Instant hot water in office in newly converted loft We undertook a large plumbing project in a loft conversion in Tewin working in conjunction with the loft builders, plasters and decorators. The loft conversion created a new bedroom, bathroom and office so our job was to install a free standing bath, shower, towel radiator as well as an [...]

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