Previous plumbing jobs carried out for my customers

Shower Pump installed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

How to rectify a badly fitted shower head and shower pump

The shower in this home in Stevenage Old Town had been installed incorrectly in two main areas:

1. Plastic pipe had been used to install the deluge shower head overhang. This was not stable enough to hold a heavy shower head so there was lots of movement in the shower head fittings. Therefore our job was to create a tight round (not square) hole in the plaster board behind using timber for strength so that we could install a solid fixing from which the heavy deluge shower head could hang without movement.

2. Pipework had been incorrectly installed using tight connector bends that restrict the water flow preventing the water system from activating the flow switches on demand due to the low pressure and restricted flow. The shower also did not have its own independent cold water feed from the cold water storage tank – a requirement that we would always advise. Therefore we had to create our own independent feeds up through the eves and into the storage water tank in the loft ensuring we used sweeping pulled bends and not tight 90 degree connectors that restrict water flow.

The result of this job was an efficiently run shower with no movement in the shower head. The shower pump we used was a Stuart and Turner ‘monsoon’ giving 2 bar pressure.

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Shower repaired in Digswell, Herts

Shower leak repaired and new silicone applied

This client in Digswell, Hertfordshire had a leaking shower and water damage due to an incorrectly fitted shower by their previous builder. Therefore the plumbing job was to repair the leak as well as some cosmetic replacing of the shower tray silicone.

This shower was originally installed by a builder rather than a plumber. The builder had installed and siliconed the shower tray after the shower profile and screen has been installed. See photos – note the unsiliconed gap between the tiles and shower tray. We would always advice fitting the shower tray, applying the silicone around the tray then only installing the shower profile and screen after the silicone has dried – 24 hours later. This provides a water proof barrier behind the profile from which to install the shower screen.

Combi Condensing Boiler installed in Datchworth, Herts

Central Heating Update in Datchworth, Hertfordshire

Datchworth combi install 2We updated the central heating in this home in Datchworth, near Stevenage by removing a fully pumped open vent system (cold water tank and hot water cylinder) and installing a new combi condensing boiler. A combi boiler heats water instantly and therefore requires no cold water storage tank in the loft or hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard.

As part of the installation we recommended adding a Magna Clean filter. This means that when water circulates around the heating system the magnetic filter captures the sludge and iron filings from the system before going back in to the boiler. A simple clean of the filter twice a year is all that is required in order to keep your heating system clean and avoid costly breakdowns.

Magna Clean filters are also recommended by boiler manufacturers who insist upon power flushing and filters to validate any future boiler breakdown insurance claim. Some manufacturers are now offering up to 7 year guarantees so do expect some preventative measures to be undertaken on installation.

As well as the Magna Clean filter, we also installed a Combi Care kit. This is an additional part that helps prevent boiler breakdowns by filtering the mains water before it goes into the boiler.

This central heating installation also required a Condensing Trap outside to remove waste water from the heating system. We installed a 40mm pipe outside to prevent any freezing of the condensing water.

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Bathroom and Combi Boiler installed in Datchworth, Herts

Significant cost-savings made by installing like-for-like bathroom and combination boiler

Datchworth Bathroom and boiler installThis client in Datchworth, near Stevenage in Herts had a bathroom that looked tired and out-dated. They wanted a new more modern looking bathroom. Plus, their hot water cylinder leaked and was obsolete. Concerned with high costs, we advised this client to:

1. Install a like-for-like bathroom

To keep replacement bathroom installation costs low, we always advise our clients not to move bathroom fixtures unless it’s absolutely necessary. This significantly reduces the installation time by reducing the time needed to add new pipework. Less labour time equals a lower cost! But at the end of the day, it’s the customers choice.

2. Install a combination boiler

We advised this client that the best option to replace their old fully pumped open vent system was a Combi boiler. Combi boilers are not suitable for every home or household but this client lives in a chalet bungalow and their children have left home meaning there was less demand in the house for hot water. The Combi boiler efficiently heats water instantly and therefore there was no need to replace the tired hot water cylinder, cold water storage tank and Feed & Expansion tanks. This suited the client because he was going to change his boiler for a new one anyway. So it was cost efficient to change the water and heating system at the same time as installing the new bathroom. This greatly reduced on-going costs on his old system. Click here to see photos and read more about this combination boiler installation.

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Boiler Pilot Light re-ignited in Woolmer Green, Herts

A quick fix to bring back hot water & heating

Woolmer Green pilot lightThis client in Woolmer Green near Knebworth & Stevenage in Hertfordshire has a boiler that was made obsolete in 1988! So when they discovered the boiler was no longer heating radiators and their hot water, it proved very difficult to get the parts to fix their boiler. However after some investigation we discovered the problem was due to the pilot light not igniting and therefore we were able to install a new Thermocouple which enabled us to fix the boiler’s pilot light and bring hot water back to their home.

This was a quick fix but a replacement boiler is now required. The boiler is too old and obsolete to source all the required parts for a complete service and is beyond economical repair.

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Radiator installed in lounge extension in Digswell, Herts

central heating installation maintenance and repairs welwyn garden cityCentral heating installed in new extension near Welwyn Garden City

This client in Digswell, near Welwyn GC in Hertfordshire had recently had an extension so needed central heating in their new lounge. We added additional radiators by drop feeding the new pipework from the loft.

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3 new radiators installed in Knebworth

Fixed corroded radiator values to stop leaks

RadiatorA leaking radiator valve prompted this customer in Knebworth to contact us. Their radiator valves were old and had corroded making it impossible to switch off the radiator and stop the leak. From a further thorough house inspection we found 3 more radiators with corroded valves. Therefore, we drained down and flushed out their central heating system before wall mounting 3 new modern radiators, refilled the system and added inhibitor.

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Cleaned Central Heating System in Datchworth to reduce boiler noise

Reduce boiler noise by cleaning central heating system

Hot water tank and pumpThe increasing banging noise from this customer’s boiler in Datchworth prompted her to contact us to find out what was wrong. It was clear that their boiler, pipework and radiators had filled with sludge over the years. Sludge is created in a central heating system when different metals from the radiators and pipework react with either other over time.

The job involved draining the water from the central heating system then adding a system cleaner which is left and runs through the system for a couple of weeks to flush out impurities. We then drain again, refill and add an inhibitor to prevent more build up of sludge. We then spend some time ensuring everything functions well and the boiler noise is reduced.

This customer also asked us to replacing an old Butler sink with new Butler sink in a granite worktop.

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Sourced new parts for old toilet in Welwyn

Repaired old toilet to save customer money

Toilet One of our customers in old Welwyn needed us to fix and replace their ball valve and siphon in their toilet cistern because the toilet no longer flushed correctly and continually leaked water.

However, the parts in the toilet needed to be sourced from a specialist because the system was over 20 years old and an odd shape. We found the parts for this old toilet from a wholesaler in Welwyn Garden and fitted them for the customer. This meant the customer did not need an expensive new toilet installation.

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Quooker & Ensuite Installed in Loft Conversion in Tewin

Instant hot water in office in newly converted loft

We undertook a large plumbing project in a loft conversion in Tewin working in conjunction with the loft builders, plasters and decorators.

The loft conversion created a new bedroom, bathroom and office so our job was to install a free standing bath, shower, towel radiator as well as an on-demand programmable hot water system called a Quooker that ensures you always have hot water without the need to boil a kettle. However unlike a kettle, the Quooker‘s hot water is stored in an insulated flask so doesn’t need constantly re-boiling – it’s for offices in lofts. Click here to find out more about the benefits of a Quooker.

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