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Boiler Pilot Light re-ignited in Woolmer Green, Herts

A quick fix to bring back hot water & heating

Woolmer Green pilot lightThis client in Woolmer Green near Knebworth & Stevenage in Hertfordshire has a boiler that was made obsolete in 1988! So when they discovered the boiler was no longer heating radiators and their hot water, it proved very difficult to get the parts to fix their boiler. However after some investigation we discovered the problem was due to the pilot light not igniting and therefore we were able to install a new Thermocouple which enabled us to fix the boiler’s pilot light and bring hot water back to their home.

This was a quick fix but a replacement boiler is now required. The boiler is too old and obsolete to source all the required parts for a complete service and is beyond economical repair.

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3 new radiators installed in Knebworth

Fixed corroded radiator values to stop leaks

RadiatorA leaking radiator valve prompted this customer in Knebworth to contact us. Their radiator valves were old and had corroded making it impossible to switch off the radiator and stop the leak. From a further thorough house inspection we found 3 more radiators with corroded valves. Therefore, we drained down and flushed out their central heating system before wall mounting 3 new modern radiators, refilled the system and added inhibitor.

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