Contemporary radiator installed in Digswell

Old radiator replaced with modern style

As part of a complete living room make-over, this client in Digswell required a new stylish radiator to be installed. As these are different in size from standard radiators the installation required the removal of redundant pipes and therefore new pipework was required to complete the radiator installation. All pipework was hidden under the floorboards and chased into the walls.

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Shower repaired in Digswell, Herts

Shower leak repaired and new silicone applied

This client in Digswell, Hertfordshire had a leaking shower and water damage due to an incorrectly fitted shower by their previous builder. Therefore the plumbing job was to repair the leak as well as some cosmetic replacing of the shower tray silicone.

This shower was originally installed by a builder rather than a plumber. The builder had installed and siliconed the shower tray after the shower profile and screen has been installed. See photos – note the unsiliconed gap between the tiles and shower tray. We would always advice fitting the shower tray, applying the silicone around the tray then only installing the shower profile and screen after the silicone has dried – 24 hours later. This provides a water proof barrier behind the profile from which to install the shower screen.

Radiator installed in lounge extension in Digswell, Herts

central heating installation maintenance and repairs welwyn garden cityCentral heating installed in new extension near Welwyn Garden City

This client in Digswell, near Welwyn GC in Hertfordshire had recently had an extension so needed central heating in their new lounge. We added additional radiators by drop feeding the new pipework from the loft.

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