Previous plumbing jobs carried out for my customers

Leaking Central Heating Pipes in Stevenage floor

Central Heating Repair in Stevenage This lovely home in Aston, Stevenage had leaking central heating pipes in their dining room concrete floor. Using our new thermal imaging camera we were able to detect and locate the leak and therefore pinpoint the leak without unnecessary explorative digging. After locating the leak, we created a new channel in [...]

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Gas Safety Check and Boiler Service Stevenage

Stevenage Boiler Repair This client’s boiler in Stevenage needed a service to check performance and safety as well as a complete strip down due to a broken valve.  The result was a fully functioning and safe boiler.

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Boiler Installation Welwyn Garden City

New Boiler Installed in Welwyn Garden City The 30 year old boiler in Welwyn Garden City was beyond repair as parts were no longer available. Therefore, a new boiler installation was required. We replaced the old boiler with a new Worcester Bosch standard heat boiler. We advised and carried out a powerflush – this is [...]

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Powerflush Descale Hot Water Tank Welwyn

Improved performance of hot water tank in Oaklands, Welwyn This client near Welwyn had a badly scaled Boilermate II cylinder so we needed to descale the hot water tank. The build up of in the heating coil was providing poor performance in terms of heating the hot water and hot water deliver to taps and especially the [...]

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Replacement hot water tank, Wheathampstead

New hot water cylinder installed in Wheathampstead after replacing rotton floorboards The boiler in this client's home had been leaking for sometime which had been slowly rotting the floorboards underneath the boiler. Therefore it was not a straight-forward hot water cylinder replacement. The floor was so rotten it needed replacing before the new water cylinder [...]

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Megaflow valve fixed in Hertford

A water leak caused corrosion on a temperature valve As you can see from the photo this client in Hertford had a corroded temperature pressure relief valve on their Mega Flow hot water cylinder due to a water leak. We sourced and replaced the valve then fitted new copper pipework. For Megaflo repairs [...]

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Cental heating in Tewin Loft Conversion

New radiator installed This client in Tewin, Herts needed radiators in their new loft conversion. We teed off pipework from the radiator in the adjacent bedroom with pipes running under the floorboards and through the wall.  As well as installing the new radiator we added Fernox system inhibitor into the central heating system and included a temperature [...]

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Contemporary radiator installed in Digswell

Old radiator replaced with modern style As part of a complete living room make-over, this client in Digswell required a new stylish radiator to be installed. As these are different in size from standard radiators the installation required the removal of redundant pipes and therefore new pipework was required to complete the radiator installation. All [...]

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Replacement Hot Water Cylinder, Welwyn Garden City

Leaking Hot Water Cylinder replaced in Welwyn Garden City, Herts This plumbing job in Welwyn Garden City, Herts involved replacing the client's leaking hot water cylinder. However their airing cupboard and been built around the old cylinder and therefore the new hot water cylinder (with thicker current regulation insulation) wouldn't fit back into the cupboard. [...]

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